General information

  • Developing an art space for artists who have passion for contemporary art jewelry and long for inspirations from oriental culture.

  • Establishing a friendly art community, collaboration between artists and beyond culture

  • Spreading art in the RMS community, sharing with the artists and students living in the neighborhood

Brief description of Organization

RUDDY METAL STUDIO is a metalsmithing education institution and contemporary art jewelry design studio. RMS was founded in 2016 by DanDan Xing, Who was graduated from George Brown College, receiving a Adv. Diploma in Jewellery Arts in 2015. 2016 She joined Atelier Education and Design Beijing as Co-funder and Technical instructor, working with Swedish contemporary jewellery artist Li Lang.RMS studio located in DASHANZI. It is surrounding by several Art districts which gathered a number of talented Chinese artists and high-quality galleries, the place offers a perfect environment for artists to work and exchange idea with art professionals. RMS studio devotes to create an inspiring art jewelry studio: an incubator for positive social change, which celebrates human creative potential in a strong connection with Chinese artists.

The residency also provides diversity chance for artist to working with, as we have cooperation studio which dedicate to cloisonné, lacquer, wood and leather.The aim is to create a common platform for exchange of innovative ideas & thoughts without any constraint of time and space. We can host 1-2 artists at the same period. The program provides an excellent opportunity for international exchange and collaboration.

RMS Artist Residency Program offers the perfect opportunity for research, growth, experimentation, development and the production of unexpected new work. Come to RMS studio with a specific project in mind, or simply book yourself some dedicated time to find inspiration, refine your skills or seek out a fresh perspective. With the essentials provided for, you will only concern yourself with crafting your dreams.

Residency conditions

Disciplines and media

  • Contemporary Jewelry

  • Goldsmithing and Metalsmithing

Duration of residencies

  • 1 month minimum and 2 months maximum

Number of artists resident at one time

  • 1 or couple if work related

Expenses paid by the organization

  • Housing(room in studio)

  • Airport or Train station Pick up and see off

What we can offer to the artist

  • 24-hour access Metal / Jewelry Studio (check tool list)

  • Open studio

  • Cooperative studio

  • Intro Lacquer Class (Chinese traditional technique)

  • Gallery tour

  • Meeting with local and international Jewelry artists

  • Personal exhibition(if possible)

What we expect from the artist

  • Presentation(English)

  • Conducting Workshop or Class

  • A possible exhibition

  • Donation of two pieces of Artworks (One of the artworks chosen by RMS )

  • Participate in the NGO activity’s cooperation (Lecture, School Visit etc.)

  • Bring your own tools and materials (we have studio facilities but they might not be enough, regarding the artist’s production)

  • Other

Expenses paid by artist

  • Travel and visa costs

  • Supplies including materials,food ,daily use,and public transportation

  • Insurance (every artist have to get one before coming to RMS)


Digital Application

To apply for the program

Description of residency


City : Its located in 798(Chao Yang) District, north of the 5th ring road Beijing. Next to Pasture International Art District, 25 mins away from centre of Beijing, 10 mins away from Wangjing SOHO Mall.


  • 798 Art Zone:The world platform for art lovers and smart people.

  • Ullens Center for Contemporary Art:China’s leading independent institution of contemporary art.

  • M Woods Gallery Beijing:An independent not-for-profit contemporary art museum in Beijing.

  • Min Sheng Art Museum:Sponsored and funded by the China Minsheng Banking Corporation, which is a non-profit organisation mainly establishing various types of activities that engage in art.

  • The Pace Gallery:leading contemporary art gallery representing many of the most significant international artists and estates of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

  • No.241 Cǎochǎngdì Art District:Translated as "grasslands" in Mandarin, Caochangdi is home to a diverse group of residents, including migrant workers, farmers, students and artists, most notably, Ai weiwei. Caochangdi developed into a thriving arts and cultural hub when artists began to move into the area around 2000, attracting international attention similar to the nearby 798 art zone.

  • Ai weiwei Studio:Ai Weiwei’s architectural achievements began with the design and realization of his own studio and residence. A boundary wall encloses a courtyard of grass and classic Chinese plantings.


  • Metal / Jewelry Studio

  • In studio bedroom

  • Internet Connection free

  • Cafeteria

  • Office

  • Kitchen

  • Wood studio

  • Lacquer Studio

  • Cloisonné factory

Notice:The facilities for metal, jewelry etc. are open only for artists who do not require any technical assistance, nor support. Artists have to be able to work independently. RMS does not provide technical assistance. Technical equipment is limited. Artists have to bring their own tools. Please discuss individually. Artists who have no skills in above working-methods, can not use the facilities!  

Type and size of studios

  • Private Studio


  • Private Room/double rooms

Working languages

  • English

  • Mandarin

  • Applicants should have at least a moderate level of speaking English or Mandarin, and be able to communicate with it.


RMS is not a funding or grant body and we do not offer grants to attend the residency.

We recommend doing a Google search for grants or checking with your country’s government for bodies, arts counsels, or philanthropic funding organizations.

*Additional Information

Artists have access to several different exhibition spaces of various sizes.

If residents would like to have a final exhibition, presentation or workshop etc., they will be required to:
1. Design their own exhibition, presentation or workshop etc. poster
2. Provide photographic documentation of the work produced
3. Design their own materials to be printed if needed.
4. Provide exhibition details 15 to 20 days in advance, including latest CV (have to mention to director of RMS), portfolio, work descriptions, images.
5. Reach out to the embassy, consulate, or cultural council of their home country for possible financial and media support.